When we started NueVista, we set out to build a different kind of technology firm—one that provides our clients with innovative, flexible and cost-effective solutions; and one that provides our people with an engaging and rewarding environment. What makes this possible is the shared commitment to the following principles:

Put people first.

When we talk about putting people first, it isn’t just talk. We regularly reach out to our consulting staff in an effort to build and sustain a culture where people feel their ideas are valued and their satisfaction is a top priority. We know that this translates directly into the energy and enthusiasm with which our people approach their client relationships. The result: we have a growing team of people who are proud of their work and a growing base of clients pleased with the consistent quality NueVista has delivered.

Hire the best and brightest.

When you work with NueVista, you are assured of working with senior level technology professionals with directly relevant experience. In fact, our founding partners, who are ingrained in each and every opportunity, average 20 years in the technology industry and have worked together for more than 10 years. Our consultants are hand-qualified and go through a rigorous hiring process. Many have years of experience in key industries, such as financial services, real estate, and manufacturing, enabling them to share insights into issues and best practices.

Put quality before growth.

Of course we want to grow and develop as a firm, and we are proud of what we have been able to accomplish in our early years as NueVista. At the same time, we take great care to grow on our terms, and quality is at the top of that list of terms. We take on only engagements where we feel we have the expertise provide quality results and add to our team when we find someone who can bring our clients the right mix of attitude and ability. We don’t want to jeopardize the quality of our team, our reputation or our client relationships merely for the growth of the enterprise.

Be responsive by remaining nimble.

We believe that responsiveness is one of the hallmarks of a successful services firm. This is one of the areas where we feel NueVista truly excels. In the beginning, we established an efficient, nimble operating structure that would benefit our people as well as our clients. We don’t have limits on the size of our projects; no job is too small. If a client’s need is very specific or its budget is tight, we will find a solution to achieve their objectives. As we grow, we strive to keep our organization administratively simple and efficient—not bureaucratic. As a result, we can offer cost-effective, high-value solutions for organizations of all sizes.

Stay focused on our values.

NueVista was founded on the belief that quality, experience and integrity are at the core of every client relationship. These values define how we serve clients and treat our people each and every day.

IT Leadership

Aligning your IT team with your business priorities is the key to successful management of your technology investment. Our IT Leadership Practice can strengthen your organization by improving collaboration, communication, and commitment between Business Stakeholders and their IT Departments.


Quality Assurance and Testing

NueVista provides both Quality Assurance and Quality Control Testing and Validation services.
QA is process focused and QC is product focused. We offer a full range of support options to ensure software quality.


Application Development

NueVista Group can support your Technology challenges, whether you require additional staffing or expertise in the latest technology we can provide the solution at a moments notice.


News & Hot Topics

Check here for current developments in the IT Industry, professional organization meetings and conferences, and NueVista’s activities.