Career Advisor – March 2016

Post Date: March 15, 2016 | Post Category: News


You will never BORE anyone into hiring you!
It is easy to get into a rut when you’re conducting your job search. Your routine might get tedious after several calls and cause you to sound monotone or boring. You do have to come across articulate and polished, but every day in a job search is “bring your personality to your job search day!” You can utilize scripts when making follow up calls, but you don’t want to sound staged. Your personality must shine through so the potential hiring authority can determine if you would fit in with their company culture and the individuals in a specific department.

In addition to required credentials including experience, education, skills and stability you must be memorable. Hiring authorities hire qualified candidates that they also like. They will spend most of their waking hours at work which is why they put a premium on finding someone they enjoy. They also understand that one bad hire can hurt morale.

In every contact you make whether verbal or written, come across enthusiastic, interested, passionate and adaptable. Think of a day in your past where you felt the best about yourself. Think about when you were the most confident and happiest. It is THAT person who must conduct your job search each and every day, if you want results.

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