Quality Assurance & Testing


Assess. Automate. Implement. Train.

The NueVista team has a proven track record of helping clients improve enterprise-wide quality processes and results. Our four-step approach to quality service delivery—assess, automate, implement and train—ensures that programs are carefully customized to client environments while incorporating the rigorous standards required to improve and accelerate application development, management and maintenance.

NueVista Quality Assurance and Testing Practice can help you incorporate the industry’s Best Practices into your application development lifecycle, including testing, management and maintenance. We evaluate your existing quality assurance organization, in addition to its process and tools, for adherence to industry standards. We work closely with your IT Leadership to identify the quality “gates” that govern your entire development process. Our goal is to help you build quality into the application development process from start to finish, rather than testing for “bugs” at the end.

NueVista offers extensive experience in software quality management across a variety of application platforms.  As consultants, we have learned that successful projects begin with solid planning but also allow for flexibility as issues arise.  NueVista has the expertise on staff to help design and implement a risk based approach to software quality and validation that enables organizations to move forward with confidence. NueVista can provide a single testing resource or the whole team. We can provide resources to lead and manage the effort as well as complete the tasks.

We can engage:

  • Quality Assessments
  • Risk Management
  • Managed Testing and Validation Service
  • QA/Test Labs
  • Test Tool Automation

A NueVista Quality Assurance Assessment is designed to help you deliver a higher quality product tomorrow than you’re delivering today. By mentoring your Quality Assurance organization, we can help you make enhanced quality an integral component of your culture creating a seamless role in your development process.

Our experience can result in your organization:

  • Introducing Risk Assessment strategies to help businesses and QA testers identify critical test conditions
  • More effectively involving QA test planners and testers during the Requirements phase to make quality assurance and testing an essential and cost-effective step in product development
  • Determining if automated testing tools are appropriate in your Quality Assurance program
  • Defining metrics that capture the cost and effectiveness of testing and other QA practices

Available Quality Assurance & Testing Downloads:

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Aligning your IT team with your business priorities is the key to successful management of your technology investment. Our IT Leadership Practice can strengthen your organization by improving collaboration, communication, and commitment between Business Stakeholders and their IT Departments.


Quality Assurance and Testing

NueVista provides both Quality Assurance and Quality Control Testing and Validation services.
QA is process focused and QC is product focused. We offer a full range of support options to ensure software quality.


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NueVista Group can support your Technology challenges, whether you require additional staffing or expertise in the latest technology we can provide the solution at a moments notice.


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