2018 Midwest IT Salary Guide


As technology evolves, it repeatedly redefines the state of the IT job market. Businesses looking to hire are continuously facing the deep skills shortage affecting every corner of the industry. Meanwhile, tech pros are flooded with new career opportunities of varying quality at every turn. For both parties, the volatile state of hiring in tech makes determining the appropriate salary difficult at best.


Additionally, each region of the country has its own unique factors and tech hubs that further shape the compensation landscape. Our 2018 Midwest IT Salary Guide takes these into account, providing readers with the regional compensation information they need to know. Sections include a look at:


  • The Chicago, Detroit, and Grand Rapids Tech Markets
  • In-Demand Tech Skills in the Midwest for 2018
  • Junior-Level, Mid-Level, and Senior-Level Regional Salary Figures


Download the complimentary guide today and discover compensation levels near you.


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