3 Ways to Make Yourself a More Valuable IT Leader

Posted: June 20, 2019


Running an IT company means adopting a lot of responsibility. Between monitoring products and services to making sales and catering to customers, IT leaders wear many hats. Today, it’s not enough to just do all these things. If an IT leader wants to be effective, they must find ways to excel at all of them, as well.


Fortunately, there are many proactive ways to become a more effective, productive, inspiring IT leader, starting today.


Why Improving Your Leadership Style Matters

While most people can lead a team or run a small company, very few can do it well. And while it may not seem that important to “master” leadership, it is essential to remember when you have a company and a team of employees relying on you, every improvement is a big one.


When you grow as a leader, it benefits the entire business. By increasing revenue, for example, you build your company’s bottom line. This allows you to pay your employees more and secure the financial future of your business.


3 Tips for Being a More Effective Tech Leader

Whether you’re stepping into a new role or simply looking to improve your leadership style with your existing company, these tips are essential:


  1. Reward Progress

One of the biggest mistakes many IT leaders make is to overlook wins within their team. Over time, this makes employees feel taken for granted and underappreciated, both of which increase turnover and harm morale.


If you want to battle this, start by recognizing small wins within your company. Even a simple “thank you” for a job well done goes a long way. By showing employees you care about their success and you’re paying attention, you can boost esteem and generate productivity.


  1. Be Honest About Your Failures

Lots of leaders try to make it seem like they came into their positions perfect and have stayed that way ever since. That’s a misrepresentation, and it reinforces impossible standards. Instead, humanize your relationships with your employees by being honest about the struggles and mistakes you’ve faced in your career. They’ll appreciate the vulnerability and the chance to learn from your path.


  1. Build Your Relationships

Many employees feel like their manager is untouchable, unrelatable and certainly not someone they know on a personal basis. As it turns out, this may be harming your company. Effective leaders are connected leaders. With this in mind, focus on strengthening the relationships within your company. One-on-one meetings, team-building exercises, and work retreats are all great starting points.


Become a Better IT Leader This Year

Regardless of how long you’ve been in this industry, growing your skills is always essential. Fortunately, these three tips will help you become a more productive, relatable leader that people want to follow.


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