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  • Are You Making the Most out of Your Candidate Database?

    Most businesses understand that maintaining staff is a critical factor to achieving success. If hiring is consistent, then many other problems subsequently take care of themselves. In fact, it is estimated that the financial impact of hiring a top performer is ten times their salary, meaning an expert employee making $80,000 annually translates to an […]


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  • Chicagoland IT Staffing Leader NueVista Group Launches New Website

    Chicago, IL – NueVista Group, a premier Chicagoland IT staffing firm serving Illinois and surrounding states, has released a completely redesigned website. Created to provide a world-class experience for candidates and clients, the new website enhances the already-outstanding level of service NueVista can provide.   “At NueVista, we strive to remain on the cutting-edge while […]


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  • Why Soft Skills Matter to Your Tech Career and How to Refine Them

    As a tech professional, there’s no doubt you’ve learned a tremendous amount over the course of your career. Perhaps you’ve mastered several programming languages, are a data mining expert, or are schooled on safeguarding networks against the latest cybersecurity threats. While being versed in any of these areas can set you up for a great […]


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  • How to Successfully Hire in Tech Despite Changing H-1B Visa Laws

    With a distinct talent shortage plaguing the industry, it’s hard enough to find solid technology talent for open roles. On top of that, all the talk surrounding immigration reform is having a distinctly negative impact for hiring managers, making recruiting even more difficult. With so much going on in this area, it’s necessary for businesses […]


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