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Brian Conner


Renee Larmon

Accounts Receivable and Office Administrator

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Corporate Director of Sales and Recruiting

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Senior Recruiter

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Senior Account Executive

Paul Soderlind

Recruiting Director

Sheila Wilfinger

Director of Operations

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  • Do NOT Do These Things When Applying for a Tech Job!

    When it comes to searching, applying, and interviewing for a new job, most tech professionals have a pretty clear understanding of the things they definitely should do: submit up-to-date and clear resumes; search multiple sources for opportunities; dress appropriately – just to name a few. What’s often less clear – but is no less important […]


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  • Is Tech’s Culture Crisis Over?

    For the last two decades, the rise of Silicon Valley has coincided with tech’s rise to preeminence over all other industries and products. The industry has also served as the guiding light for how workplace cultures should be organized in order to maximize harmony, creativity, and productivity. Open office plans and in-office beer taps are […]


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  • How to Get Your IT Pros to Work More Efficiently

    An IT company is only as productive and successful as the leaders, executives, and managers who run the show. At a more granular level, the success of individual IT leaders is directly determined by the productivity and efficiency of the employees that they oversee. Therefore, as IT leaders who are striving to elevate the success […]


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  • Our Advice for Hiring More Women in Tech

    There are more voices advocating equal employment opportunities for women today than ever before. This is undoubtedly a sign of progress, but there is still a long way to go.  In certain fields, and in the tech industry in particular, the actual number of women who comprise the workforce remains surprisingly low. Despite the fact that women make […]


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  • Want to Earn More Money? Here’s How to Ask for It

      Everyone wants to earn more money for their hard work. It’s a no brainer. But even if you’ve been killing it at your job it doesn’t mean your employer is automatically going to offer you a raise at your annual review. Being patient enough to wait till your one-year anniversary may seem like a lame […]


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  • The Questions You Must Ask to Find the Right IT Manager for Your Business

      IT Managers have an important job in your company. Technology has moved to the forefront of business operations; today, it’s likely that all of your major business functions are tied to technology in some way. IT Managers maintain technology infrastructures and deploy improvements to keep your business running smoothly. Finding the right professional to […]


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  • Why Are Tech Contractors So Afraid of Job Interviews?

      The first thing to remember about tech contractors is that they tend to be project-oriented. Their main objective is to understand the assignment and get right to work. They are not interested in spending a lot of time delving into their thoughts, feelings and motivations.     Tech professionals tend to be black and white thinkers. Today’s interviewing techniques have become more behaviorally focused. Interviewers like to […]


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  • Why Some Managers Succeed And Some Fail In The Tech Industry

      In the tech industry, managing is a delicate balancing act. Of course, you need to “manage up” to meet your supervisor’s expectations. But you must balance the needs of upper management with those of the individuals that work for you. How can you accomplish that and succeed on the job?    Establish trust.   Your employees […]


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  • 3 Ways to Make Yourself a More Valuable IT Leader

      Running an IT company means adopting a lot of responsibility. Between monitoring products and services to making sales and catering to customers, IT leaders wear many hats. Today, it’s not enough to just do all these things. If an IT leader wants to be effective, they must find ways to excel at all of […]


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  • 7 Ways to Get Management to Back Your Ideas

      It’s probably true that many employees have a love/hate relationship with their boss. The politics of employer and worker may make the relationship tricky to navigate. For employees, it may be tough to get a boss to even listen to ideas, let along support them. While the standard response may be, “It’s not a […]


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