How to Get Your IT Pros to Work More Efficiently

Posted: September 25, 2019

An IT company is only as productive and successful as the leaders, executives, and managers who run the show. At a more granular level, the success of individual IT leaders is directly determined by the productivity and efficiency of the employees that they oversee. Therefore, as IT leaders who are striving to elevate the success of our companies, the big question on our minds should be, “how can we motivate and inspire the professionals on our payroll to work more effectively and efficiently?” 

Here are our top four tips for maximizing the productivity of your IT specialists: 


Delegate Effectively  

The thing about IT specialists is that, well, they have a specialty. And usually, given the extremely technical nature of their work, that specialty is confined to a pretty narrow space. IT leaders who take the time to familiarize themselves with their specialists and assign tasks according to individual expertise typically see much more efficiency than do leaders that treat their IT employees as human swiss-army-knives.  


Provide the Appropriate Toolkit 

Workplace collaboration and communication technologies continue to continually evolve. This, in turn, makes industry leaders responsible for staying up-to-date on best practices and providing their specialists with the tools they need in order for them to work as effectively as possible. 


Provide a Company Story  

The narrative behind a company – including the mission statement, purpose, and values – is the glue that holds everything together and synchronizes the efforts of employees at every level. Given how multi-layered and complex modern IT companies have become, it’s all too easy for specialists within a company working in a narrow space to feel like a small cog in a vast machine. Once again, clear and persistent communication is the antidote to this problem. Regardless of the role that a specialist is playing with the company, their efficiency can be greatly enhanced if they understand how, specifically, their efforts are contributing to the larger mission of their team, their department, their company, and their industry. 


Provide Feedback 

Taking the time to address an employee’s performance in person is not only a great way to let them know how they’re on track and how they could improve, it’s also an opportunity to establish rapport. In an age where employer/specialist relationships are confined more and more to remote interactions, taking the time to provide face-to-face feedback can be an invaluable tactic for increasing a team member’s productivity and enthusiasm. 


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