How to Measure ROI for Employee Wellness Programs

Posted: March 20, 2019


Employee wellness programs are getting a lot of buzz these days, and with good reason. Not only do these programs help draw top candidates, they also aid businesses in promoting employee wellness and satisfaction. Still, many companies wonder how to justify their cost in a struggling economy. Read on to discover NueVista’s top tips for calculating ROI for your employee wellness program.


Consider Your Company’s Total Health Claims

It’s no secret that employee illnesses and injuries cost companies money. If you want to determine whether your employee wellness program is having the desired effect, start by assessing the total number of health claims you had since implementing the program. Gym memberships and other perks can go a long way toward reducing illness and obesity rates and building a healthier workforce.


Assess Employee Productivity

Are your employees always calling out sick? Even worse, are they coming in with colds and passing illnesses on to other staff? High absentee rates can easily wreck your bottom line. If you opt to institute an employee wellness program, assess its efficacy by comparing absenteeism before and after launch. You might just discover that workers are taking fewer sick days and getting more done overall.


Look at Your Turnover Rates

Salary isn’t always enough to keep talented workers happy and satisfied with their jobs. In fact, companies with solid employee wellness programs sometimes have an easier time holding on to their best workers than those that don’t put a premium on employee health. Look at your turnover rates and send out satisfaction surveys to see if your wellness program is having the desired effect.


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