What Are 5 Ways Men Can Support Gender Equality in the Workplace?

Posted: March 13, 2019


Women across the U.S. are pushing for equality in their workplaces, and while things are changing for the better, we still have a long way to go. If we truly want to achieve gender parity, both women and men have to work to make changes in their environments. At NueVista, we’re passionate about doing our part to build more egalitarian companies. Below are five ways that male employees can support their female colleagues while ensuring that everyone succeeds.


Overcome Stereotypes

Both men and women have biases that can affect the way they view others and impact their decision-making in the workplace. If you want to be part of the coming change, aim to overcome these stereotypical ways of thinking. Strive to evaluate co-workers’ ideas and efforts based solely on their merits and avoid making quick judgments based on gender, race or other factors.


Blow the Whistle

Sometimes pushing past our own stereotypes isn’t enough, and we have to call out others for their biases. Don’t be afraid to point out examples of sexism or biased thinking when they happen.


Acknowledge Good Ideas

Of course, achieving gender equality isn’t just about pointing out instances of bias. It’s also crucial to celebrate good ideas. When a colleague voices an opinion you agree with, make your thoughts known, no matter their gender or background.


Promote Diversity

Hiring managers aren’t the only employees who should make an effort to build a more diverse workplace. When positions open up at your company, consider referring friends and acquaintances who can bring diversity to the business. As a bonus, the more diverse your workforce, the more you’ll be able to appeal to a broad customer base.


Become a Mentor

Offer up your services as a mentor to new employees who may be struggling to get noticed. The end result will be a stronger and more balanced workforce.


Build a Stronger Workforce With NueVista

A company is only as successful as the individuals who make up its workforce. From finding skilled IT talent to ensuring your business supports and encourages all its employees, regardless of gender, NueVista is passionate about helping companies grow. Contact our team to tell us more about your business needs.



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