Why Are Tech Contractors So Afraid of Job Interviews?

Posted: July 31, 2019


The first thing to remember about tech contractors is that they tend to be project-oriented. Their main objective is to understand the assignment and get right to work. They are not interested in spending a lot of time delving into their thoughts, feelings and motivations.  


Tech professionals tend to be black and white thinkers. Today’s interviewing techniques have become more behaviorally focused. Interviewerlike to take a deep dive into a candidate’s psyche. Their goal is to get to know the candidate with a goal and find out if they will be a good fit and have the right temperament to work well with the team. 


The tech contractor, on the other hand, just wants to do the job. They may be aware they are lacking in the soft skills which are increasingly in demand in today’s market. This can make them nervous and uncomfortable in an interview despite their exceptional technical abilities. 


What can you do to make technical professionals more comfortable in the interview process? 


Keep the interview as short as possible.

Don’t spend a lot of time on vague or behavioral questions. Think through exactly what a candidate needs to be successful on the job and focus on that short list.  


Cut to the chase. 

Get right to the point with the questions you ask. Focus on questions that can be answered quantifiably, such as data regarding previous projects they worked on. Ask how they were able to reach objectives successfully and what their responsibilities were as part of the team.  


Ask for specific details. 

Have them describe a project they were involved in that failed or did not go as well as it could have. Ask what they could have done differently or what resources could have helped. Focus on questions with concrete answers, not how they felt about the outcome. 


Be frank with them. 

Describe the duties of the job and how well they suit the requirements of the position. Keep them updated throughout the process, but with specific next steps with dates where possible.  


Avoid “gotcha” questions. 

Tech contractors worry about looking foolish if you put them on the spot. If you need to ask questions that really get at the core of their knowledge, make them feel comfortable and make it relevant.  


Give them the opportunity to present their strengths rather than looking for weaknesses and you’ll really see what they are made of. 


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